Sunday 30 May 2010

Drink & Draw, Tuesday, June 8th

The summer here in Cork is amazing and so are the evenings in the beer garden, was a very enjoyable sketchmeet last night and hello to all the new faces, we hope to see you around soon.

So, the next Drink & Draw will be on TUESDAY, 8th of June in the outdoor area of the Franciscan Well, starting at 8pm.

And we're toying around with the idea of organizing another life drawing session mid/end of June. We need to get at least 10-15 people who are seriously interested, so if you want to practice your drawing skills and anatomy knowlege, write an email to

And here's a sketch from Jonathan :)


  1. Who made such dreadful art, they should be brought out and shot!

  2. Ah, he's just a hippie, leave him with his fairies and stuff ;)