Wednesday 1 May 2013

Drink & Draw, May 7th

Drink & Draw, May 7, Tuesday
starting at 8.00 pm at the Franciscan Well

Bring the art supply of your choice and get drawing, painting, doodling, crafting, whatever you have in mind - along with a nice drink and great creative company. Everybody is welcome, no matter if you just picked up a pencil the first time in your life or if you're a passionate artist for years. No skill level required, it's all about the fun.

In other news, our Roadtrip to Kilkenny was great fun and we met super talented local artists, a fun weekend filled with sketching and good laughs. Here are a few photos and drawings:

A night of Drink & Draw in the
Orchard House in Kilkenny

On Sunday we drove to the Kells Priory outside of Kilkenny
for more sketching

A visit to the castle

Sketching inside the Black Abbey

Kevin did some awesome oil painting!

Studies from Kilkenny Castle & Black Abbey
Eva Widermann

Kilkenny Castle by Kevin Gough

Kells Priory by Denman Rooke

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