Tuesday 14 October 2014

DAY OF THE DEAD /// Drink & Sculpt Halloween Special

Yes, that's right! We're having a surprise Drink & Sculpt with a Day of the Dead theme. We also start a bit earlier, at 6pm in the upstairs bar at the Franciscan Well. 

The Franciscan Well asked us if we would like to create the decoration for their upcoming Halloween party and of course we will! Join us for a fun evening of sellotape sculpting all sorts of spooky stuff - skulls, bones, ghosts! Materials will be provided. We're going to have the upstairs bar for ourselves, so we can play music, dress up, eat cake and sweets and get crazy with sculpting with sellotape. 

Check out the following links for more ideas and inspirations:


More updates and How-To's over the coming days! Everyone is welcome, bring your friends, music, treats, sweets... and SCULPT! :D

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