Wednesday 4 November 2009

November 10, 20.00h - The Hay Loft / Long Valley Bar

With great anticipation I'd like to announce that we actually can have our own little private pub for our drawing sessions! It's called The Hayloft and is located in the Long Valley Bar, 10 Winthrop Street, Cork. Just upstairs.

Have a look, it's so cosy!

Here's plenty of space to bring laptops, graphic tablets, books, drawing blocks, art supplies, etc.

We meet there the oncoming Tuesday at 20.00h. If you can't find the Hayloft's entry, just ask the friendly barmen and they will help.

See ye soon =)


  1. Hey Guys.
    Just about to try the first Drink and draw in Sligo next week. Fingers crossed it'll go alright!

  2. Hey Wayne, good news there's something going on in Sligo. There is one in Galway now, too! We should gather all sketch groups sometime ;) Have fun next week!!