Tuesday 19 April 2011

Drink & Draw, Thursday, April 28th

Join us for the next Sketchmeet!

Thursday 28th of April, starting at 8.00pm at the Franciscan Well.

The beergarden is open, it depends on weather conditions if you find us out there or inside the pub :)

Sunday 3 April 2011

Drink & Draw, Tuesday, April 12th

If you were lucky enough to see the fantastic Dr. Sketchy's Life Drawing Event in the Crane Lane on Saturday, then you will agree with me: It was a blast!! Great setting, beautiful alternative models (they were GORGEOUS!!), Rock & Roll music and cupcakes and tequila shots and, and, and...! Life drawing has never been so entertaining :) Hope they come back to Cork one day!

And if you missed the event, just come to the next Drink & Draw on Tuesday, April 12th, and hang out with us for an evening. There won't be any half-naked models posing for us, but hey - use your imagination, that's what the sketch group is for ;)

A few drawings we did at the last Drink & Draw: