Wednesday 18 February 2015

Next Drink & Draw is on soon!

Sharpen your pencils and get ready for the next sketch-meet...

Drink & Draw
February 26, Thursday
8.00pm until midnight
Franciscan Well, Upstairs Bar

Have a look at the many wonderfully sarcastic Vinegar Valentines drawing from our last meeting!

Tuesday 10 February 2015


Next Drink & Draw:
February 10, Tuesday
Franciscan Well, Upstairs Bar
8.00 pm until closing

It's Valentine's Day soon and what's more romantic than a hand-drawn love card? A hand-drawn HATE card! ;D This time we will follow an almost forgotten victorian tradition called "Vinegar Valentines" and we want you to unleash your inner grump!

Read more about the Vinegar Valentines here: