Thursday 17 February 2011

Drink & Draw, Thursday, March 3rd

Next Sketchmeet is on THURSDAY, March 3rd, 8pm at the Franciscan Well! We're still inside the pub but I'm already so much looking forward to the open beer garden season :)

Also, don't forget the Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School event in the Crane Lane Theatre in Cork which is on April 2nd. Have a look at their website for more infos - this is definitely something you shouldn't miss: Dr. Sketchy's Dublin Does Cork

Some of the stuff people did at the last Drink & Draw:

Sunday 6 February 2011

Drink & Draw, Tuesday, February 15th

Sharpen your pencils, clean your brushes and get ready for our next Drink & Draw - there will be a certainly good time!

TUESDAY, February 15th
8.00 pm at the Franciscan Well