Saturday 30 October 2010

Drink & Draw, Thursday, November 11th

Lads & Ladies, next Drink & Draw is on THURSDAY, 11th of November! Depending on the weather, we'll be inside the pub or in the heated beer garden.

And don't forget to send me some of your sketches to if you want me to upload them - there was some awesome stuff recently! =) Keep up the great art!

Last but not least a few pics from the recent Halloween Drink & Draw, enjoy!

Cool stuff by Ronan Crowley

By Tina Mertlbauer (Sorry Tina, I stole it from you =P)

Fairyman was not there, so I tried to sub for him

Sunday 17 October 2010

Drink & Draw, Tuesday, October 26th

The next Drink & Draw is on TUESDAY, 26th of October in the Franciscan Well, 8.00 pm. The staff told me they will have the beer garden open and heated for the rest of the year, how awesome is that? :) It's getting close to Halloween so let's draw lots of zombies, ghosts and scary fairies =P

We also had some talk the other night about going to Dublin for the Dr. Sketchy Burlesque Life Drawing ( They hold it every end of a month and I heard it is quite funky and colourful. So far the idea is to drive up to Dublin by train or bus, take a hostel and stay one night, including going out and take the chance to say hello to the Dublinsketchers as well. There's no date set yet, it will either be end of November or start of next year. So please let me know if you would be interested - should be definitely fun! :)

Friday 1 October 2010

Drink & Draw, Thursday, October 14th

Draw, scribble, paint, sketch, chat & drink! And all of this in just one evening. See you next Drink & Draw, this time on a Thursday again. Rain, strom, thunder, etc is no excuse =P Cheers!