Monday 19 September 2011

Drink & Draw, September 27th

Next Drink & Draw is on Tuesday, 27th of September. Starting at 8pm at the Franciscan Well - a big thanks to the staff btw for having us messing around since 2009! :)

Bring your art supplies and sketch books, bring comics, bring other inspiring stuff, bring anything you need for an evening full of sketching and doodling and other creative mayhem.

Thursday 8 September 2011

Road Trip to Galway!

Join us on a road trip to Galway! 

Tuesday, 29th of November. 

We will be going up to Galway by bus and stay in a hostel 
for one night, heading back to Cork the next day. 
There will be loads of drawing, meeting up with the fellas from the 
Galway Pub Scrawl, going for food and drinkies 
and a good night out in town. 

If you want to join, send us an email:

We need to know the number of attendances 
for booking the hostel later.

As soon as we have more details (hostel cost, schedule, etc) 
we will let you know. There will be group discounts, too.

Saturday 3 September 2011

Drink & Draw, Thursday, September 15th

The cake definitely wasn't a lie at the Drink and Draw birthday last week! Thanks to everybody who showed up, who brought cake and sweets and all - it was just so much fun! You guys rock! And for those who missed it, you'll find a couple of pictures below.

Next Drink and Draw:
Thursday, September 15th
Starting at 8 pm at the Franciscan Well
either inside the pub or outside in the large beer garden (depends on temperatures)

Also, I'm happy to announce that Drink and Draw goes on a road trip to Galway end of November! We hope to meet up with the guys from the Galway Pub Scrawl and do loads of drawings and have a night out all together. More details will follow soon!