Monday 30 November 2009

December 10, 20.00 pm - The Hay Loft / Long Valley Bar

This is the last Drink & Draw in 2009, so let's all meet up again and enjoy and share a nice evening with drawing, talking, laughing and having some drinks!

Topic of this meeting: Portrait of your choice.

Many have their problems with the human face, so face it! Print a random portrait photograph from the web or somewhere else and bring it with you. And draw it in your style. Use what you like best - pencil, markers, watercolours, gouache... I'm sure you will be surprised by your result :) Afterwards we loosen up our fingers and play Pictionary.

Monday 23 November 2009

Drink & Draw vs. The Flood

Thursday, November 26
Long Valley Bar, 10 Winthrop Street
8.00 pm

Due to the floodings in Cork and the aftermath I reckon not many of us will actually appear on Thursday for the Drink & Draw. Even though the Long Valley Bar wasn't affected by the flooding, there's no reason to get the whole Hayloft for just a small number of people.

However, I don't wanna cancel the Drink & Draw because of this. Let's meet downstairs in the Long Valley instead. There's a lovely corner in the back or a separate room at the entry. Everyone who's sick of the flood and can make it and wants to share a few sketches and pints is very much welcome! =)

Saturday 14 November 2009

November 26, 20.00h - The Hay Loft / Long Valley Bar

The next Drink & Draw is on Thur, November 26, 8pm. Hosted in The Hayloft which is located upstairs in the Long Valley Bar, 10 Winthrop Street, Cork.

Bring your drawing tools of choice, traditional or digital - this is a great way to relax with music, creativity and some nice beverages!

Wednesday 4 November 2009

November 10, 20.00h - The Hay Loft / Long Valley Bar

With great anticipation I'd like to announce that we actually can have our own little private pub for our drawing sessions! It's called The Hayloft and is located in the Long Valley Bar, 10 Winthrop Street, Cork. Just upstairs.

Have a look, it's so cosy!

Here's plenty of space to bring laptops, graphic tablets, books, drawing blocks, art supplies, etc.

We meet there the oncoming Tuesday at 20.00h. If you can't find the Hayloft's entry, just ask the friendly barmen and they will help.

See ye soon =)

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Watching "9" at The Gate

We meet this Friday 6th, at 18.00 at the entry of The Gate, North Main Street.

Movie starts at 18.15, ticket is 8,- Euro. Everyone who wants to watch the movie, feel invited to join us =)