Friday 22 January 2010

February 4, 20.00h - The Franciscan Well

The last Drink & Draw was a great evening for all of us, so feel very much invited to the next sketch meet in the Franciscan Well on Thursday, 4th.

After a few weeks of switching around between Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and Hayloft/Franciscan Well it's definitely time to stop the confusion, promised! :) We now are clear about what days might suit us best and what location we like most. So from now on:

  • The Drink & Draw's are going to take place in the Franciscan Well in future.
  • The days will be Tuesday and Thursday by turn every fortnight.

If you're still not sure when the next meeting will be, just have a look at this blog or our Facebook Group events, I always keep them up to date.

Looking very much forward to the next Drink & Draw!

Tuesday 12 January 2010

January 19, 20.00h - The Franciscan Well

Time flies fast - the next sketch meeting is right ahead of us! As the weather conditions were a problem the last time, we will meet inside the Franciscan Well and grab one of the big tables.

Please notice: This time we switch to TUESDAY, to give those a chance who can't make it on Thursdays.

Friday 8 January 2010

What a cold night...

Thanks for everyone who was showing up yesterday, even though it was freezing cold!! =)