Thursday 16 February 2012

Road Trip to Dublin

That's right, Drink & Draw goes on a Road Trip to Dublin from March 30 to April 1! A full weekend of fun, drawing, meeting up, going out, exploring and whatnot. Don't miss out on this trip; if you can't make the full weekend, join us at least for a day of your choice. 

Ed is organizing this event again, he already did a fantastic job on the Galway Trip last November. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him directly:

Here's a rough list of what's planned and what it will cost. Everything is OPTIONAL, you don't have to go if you don't want to.


Eccles Hostel 
-> 20,- Euro each person sharing a room

Castle Hotel
-> 89,- Euro for a double room, 64,- Euro for a single room


Historical Haunted History Hellfire Club Excursion -> 23,- Euro per person.
Important: Needs to be booked in advance! Everyone who wants to join, please hand Ed the money at one of the next Drink & Draws or arrange otherwise. No money - no trip!

Afternoon: Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School -> 15,- Euro per person
Evening: Wright Venue Night Club
or Fibber Maggee's Rock Bar 
... or both! ;)

Joining the Dublin Sketchers outdoor drawing in the morning for everybody who's awake!


We would suggest going up by train, though feel free to get to Dublin by car, bus, bicycle, whatever you prefer or can afford. Everybody has to buy the tickets themselves, we won't do group bookings. So make sure to get a good deal for a train ticked if you book early enough!
We will arrange a time and location for meeting up, stay tuned!

If you wanna join us, send an email to