Saturday 1 March 2014

Next sketch-meet is on soon!

Drink & Draw
March 11, Tuesday

starting at 8.00 pm 

at the FranciscanWell

Bring the art supply of your choice and get drawing, painting, doodling, crafting, whatever you have in mind - along with a nice drink and great creative company.

Everybody is welcome, no matter if you just picked up a pencil the first time in your life or if you're a passionate artist for years. No skill level required, it's all about the fun.

We will decide on a topic for the night but you can also bring something to draw and study or just doodle around as you please.

Adam Slattery

Kevin Gough

Eva Widermann

Niall McCarthy

Vincent O'Regan
Winner of the "Complete the Drawing" competition

Darren Mac Scugal

The Drink & Draw Improv Comic!

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